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27th September 2018

HPC Storage, scheduled 1 year ago

Dear Colleagues,

The Research Data Archive project is approaching being in production. This project will replace dstore1 and the current tape silo with two tape silos positioned at separate sites providing a disaster resilient data archive service. It is planned to add a third site to this service in the short to mid-term.

Migration of data from the old to the new service will take several months but should occur in the background with little or no impact on researchers' access to their data. However an outage is required to move the new service into production.

System engineers from Atos will be on site to complete the installation of the new service and to commence the migration of data. The current dstore1 service will be shut down on the evening of Thursday the 4th of October and the new service will take over from midday Monday the 8th of October. A partial list of the services that will be unavailable during this time follows:

HPC cluster home drives /ds/arcs /ds/projects /ds/software /ds/hosting/cft /ds/hosting/emii Ace Compute home drive webpages

If your servers connect to any of the following addresses your service will be affected:

If you are unsure if your services will be affected please contact and quote your server's name and ip address.

After the upgrade all the current exports will be available from the new system using the same IP addresses. There should be no need to modify the way you access these file systems in the short term. Kind regards, John Miezitis Senior HPC Systems Admin TPAC

Kind regards.

John Miezitis Senior HPC Systems Engineer Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing University of Tasmania